Nate’s Christmas Gift

Those of you who have ever rescued an animal know the range of emotions we shelter workers can feel in a single day. . . anger at the horrible things some people do to animals, frustration at the abuse, neglect, and misery we see each day, hope for a special little critter that captures our hearts, despair when we get them too late to save them, gratitude for the generosity of volunteers and donors, and love, love, love for the pets and the families that we are able to help.

Nate is one little dog that put our hearts through the entire spectrum of emotions in the short span of a single day.

Nate on the day I first met him.

Nate was brought in by an Animal Control Officer. He had been found wandering the streets. A small Yorkshire terrier, Nate was so matted that the Officer who brought him in noted on his kennel card that he was blind. Mats were so thick around his eyes that the hair pulled the skin around his eyes shut and a heavy crust of filth and matted hair completely obscured his vision. Mats pulled one ear downward, while more mats held the other ear permanently upright. His toenails were so long that it was painful for him to walk. Thick mats held filth against his skin all over his body. The odor that emanated from his tiny little frame was unbearable. He sat in his kennel and barely moved. He had been miserable for so long, he had just about given up on life. How Nate ended up this way we will never know.

But this wasn’t the end for Nate. . .

There are good people in this world, and here at the Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter, we are sometimes graced by the presence of angels. Nate was blessed by two of these angels. . . Jan and Mel at Hot Dogs Grooming Salon in Angleton.

Thursday was a busy day at Hot Dogs, but when Jack Brown called upon them, they did not hesitate for a moment to agree to care for Nate. They took him in and cared for him and gave him some of the first human love and attention that this little guy has had in a very long time. It took four baths to rid him of years of filth. They removed the mats, shaved him, cleaned his ears, trimmed his toenails, and treated him to a day of luxurious compassion. And underneath all those mats, they found a sweet little dog who decided that he still had some life left to live.

Nate is smiling with me now. . . in front of the Hot Dogs' "Before and After" photo wall.
Nate is smiling with me now. . . in front of the Hot Dogs’ “Before and After” photo wall.
Nate after being transformed by Hot Dogs Grooming Salon
Nate after being transformed by Hot Dogs Grooming Salon
Nate loves riding in the passenger seat of my car.
Nate loves riding in the passenger seat of my car.

Nate is available for adoption at the SPCA-BC. He is not completely blind, but he does have some vision loss. He will need a good check-up from a veterinarian to check for any other health issues that may have resulted from years of neglect, but he is a sweet and loving little guy. We can tell from his behavior that he was loved by someone once; he has been a perfect little gentleman at the groomers and at the animal shelter. He loves car rides, back scratches, and long leash walks. He will make a great pet for the right family! Merry Christmas, Nate! You and the Angels at Hot Dogs have given us hope for the goodness that is still to be found on this earth.

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