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Does Your Cat Have Litter Box Issues?

Does Your Cat Have Litter Box Issues?

Does your cat ever use the bathroom outside of the litter box? Do you use covered litter boxes? Did you know that although covered litter boxes are popular with people because they keep the cat litter in the box and help contain odors, many cats hate them. Covers trap odors inside the box. A cat’s sense of smell is highly developed, so what smells clean to you might not appeal to your cat. Even with frequent cleanings, covered litter boxes trap unpleasant odors that repel your cat. Covering the litter box may also make your cat feel trapped. Your cat may feel very vulnerable while “doing his business.” Instinctively, he does not want to be in a place where he could be cornered and ambushed by another cat, another pet, or a child. Instead of using covered litter boxes, try using large translucent storage boxes with high sides. The tall box keeps the litter inside, the cat can see out and can easily escape from the top. One side can be cut down for cats who have trouble getting over the top. Most litter box issues can be resolved with a little detective work and a lot of patience. Good luck, and enjoy your kitties!

Author: SPCA-BC

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