Summer’s Here! It’s time for Shelter Aid and Lemonade!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.49.51 AMCelebrate Summer with Shelter Aid & Lemonade!

We all know that kids can get bored in the summer . . . but we also know that summertime can be a fun time too! Kids all over our community have the opportunity to be a positive force for animal welfare this summer, and have a great time doing it, through our Shelter Aid and Lemonade Celebration.

Come join our Celebration! We invite kids ages 5 to 14 to make a difference for homeless pets in our community by participating in Shelter Aid & Lemonade. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Operate a Lemonade Stand any time between now and August 15. You can do it for a few hours on one day, or you can do it all day every day . . . how little or how much you commit is entirely up to you!
  1. Donate your proceeds to help the homeless pets at the SPCA of Brazoria County.
  1. Have a parent email a photo of you and your Lemonade Stand to Please include the names of each person in the photo, the name of the shelter or rescue your stand will benefit, and how much money your stand raised. Also, please include a parent’s name and phone number for each child in the photo. By submitting a photo, you are agreeing to allow us to post the photo on Facebook and other promotional materials. Your photo must be submitted by August 15 to be eligible for our prize drawing.


  1. Attend our Wrap Up Party on August 20 at 5:00 pm at the Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter at 141 Canna Lane in Lake Jackson. We will have a drawing for a number of great prizes—including an iPad, an iPod, and an Xbox 360. We will also offer special recognition for the stand that earns the most money, the most creatively-promoted stand, the best decorated stand, and other note-worthy distinctions. (You do not have to present at the Wrap Up Party to win.)

So get out there and make a difference this summer! Here are a few tips for a successful stand:

  • Tell us about your Lemonade Stand in advance, so that we can help promote it.
  • Sell things other than Lemonade—you can include other soft drinks, tea, Kool-Aid, coffee, etc. You can also include a bake sale, snow-cones, popcorn, craft items—get creative and have fun with it!
  • Ask a local pet-friendly business to allow you to set up your stand at their location. They may even donate to your stand!
  • Come by the shelter at 141 Canna Lane in Lake Jackson to get a sign and let us promote your stand for you on Facebook.
  • Sign up to run your stand here at the shelter. We will have stands set up on Saturdays throughout the summer!

We can’t wait to see your photos!