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Kitten Season is Coming

Kitten Season is Coming


What is “Kitten Season? you might ask. . . well, it’s simple enough. . . as the weather warms up, the critters start prowling, looking for love in all the wrong places. The result is a huge influx of stray, abandoned, and orphaned kittens and puppies into the shelter. It’s no joke. They come in to us by the bucket, box, tote, and barrel. Some days, we intake multiple litters which can add up to 30-50 new critters in a single day. We run out of places to put them! What can you do to help?

  1. Help us stop the influx at the origin. Spay and neuter your pets. If your pets are already “fixed,” sponsor a spay or neuter for your neighbor’s pet. We can help. Email our Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic at spay@spcabc.org.
  2. Just Spay One CatStop “saving” orphaned critters! Not really. . . but if you find baby animalsLeave Kittens Alone who appear to be orphaned. . . just wait. Mothers have to find food and water for themselves, so they have to leave their babies alone sometimes. Watch and wait for mom to come back. If the babies are being cared for by a mother, they are better off being left alone, at least until the babies are all weaned. Keep an eye on things, and if mom is caring for the young un’s, just let them be.
  3. Stop “rescuing” lost cats. Most lost cats will find their way home, but if you capture them, you may be separating them from their babies. Leave lost cats alone unless they need medical attention. If a cat hangs around for a while, and you’re sure she doesn’t have babies hidden away, you can spay her (or neuter him if it’s a boy) and put her right back where you found her. Her odds at survival are much better outside the shelter. We can help with the spay/neuter–just email us at spay@spcabc.org for details.
  4. A shelter is not a good environment for a pregnant or nursing mLeave Cats Aloneother. It’s an even worse environment for orphans. You can save multiple lives just by agreeing to foster a mother cat and her kittens or by bottle-feeding orphaned kittens. It very well could end up being one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. We will set you up with everything you need. Get on our foster list today, so that we can call you when the need arises. For more information email volunteer@spcabc.org, and we will get you set up!
  5. Host a “kittefoster art ideasn shower” to help us stock up on supplies. You provide the location, snacks, and activities. We will give you a wish list of needed supplies. It’s a fun way to help us start kitten season with everything we need! This is also a great activity for your kids! Kids love to volunteer and know that they are making a positive impact. For more
    information email info@spcabc.org.
  1. We're Expecting

Kitten Season is Coming! Help us get ready. It’s a great time to be a part of the solution!