Save Infant Kittens. We need your help today!

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Nothing is cuter than a newborn kitten. . . unfortunately, nothing is more vulnerable either. We are working hard 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to save the lives of these fragile infant kittens. These kittens come to us abandoned, sick, cold, hungry, and alone. We feed them, treat them for illness and injury, warm them, and love them. Some come to us as orphans, some come in with their mothers, and some are born in the shelter. We need YOUR help to save them all. We must buy kitten milk replacer, heating pads, nursing bottles, canned cat food, feeding syringes, pelleted litter, wire crates, and more. Once they are old enough to be adopted, they must be dewormed, spayed and neutered, and vaccinated before they can go to their forever homes. Some will need further veterinary care. We are inundated with kittens right now, and we desperately need your help. Your donation today will save a life this week! Without your help, we cannot save our most fragile shelter pets. Please donate and share. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.