We are Brazoria County STRONG

Dear Brazoria County,

We’ve all seen those heartbreaking commercials on TV of the neglected and abused animals needing food, shelter and medical assistance to stay alive. Most people are so disturbed by the view that they walk away or change the channel. Well those of us at the SPCA of Brazoria County live this commercial every day while sending up prayers that all of our animals will soon be in their forever homes.

Today, we find ourselves in dire straits and are being forced to once again make a plea to our supportive community for financial assistance.

We desperately need your help!

We have 618 animals in our care between the shelter and our foster program:

160 cats
146 dogs
270 kittens
42 puppies

We have recently been hit extremely hard with “kitten season” and dogs testing positive for heartworms. Each day we take in more animals than we adopt out. Our shelter is literally wall to wall with the homeless pets from our community.

We at the SPCA of Brazoria are deeply appreciative of the goodwill and support that we have received in the past from you. We are Brazoria County STRONG and we know that together we can overcome this difficult period. By giving, you will instantly be contributing to save the lives of our helpless animals!

All donations are tax deductible. Please donate in one of the following ways:

1. Go to our website www.spcabc.org click the DONATE button upper right corner
a. PayPal is now an option
b. You can also become a Shelter Angel by agreeing to donate monthly

2. Go to our Facebook page at SPCA of Brazoria County and click the donate button

3. Come to the shelter at 141 Canna Lane in Lake Jackson and donate in person

4. Mail a check to 141 Canna Lane, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Only because of the generosity of our community and individuals like you can we continue our life saving mission.

With Warmest Regards,

The SPCA of Brazoria County