Become a Foster Pet Parent!

If you’ve ever wanted to help the SPCA, but can’t commit to adopting an animal – consider becoming a Foster Parent.

Foster (volunteers) care for our dogs and cats, puppies and kittens when either our shelter is at near or at max capacity, or when a “special needs” animal who needs specific help.  We need dedicated people willing to house, feed and care for our animals.

To be considered, you must first be at least 18 years old, and have the authority to take care of animal in your home, or wherever you rent.  You must fill out a foster application, and provide a valid drivers license.  You will then meet with our Foster Coordinator who will provide our Foster Handbook – it is essentiall you read this document thoroughly to ensure you a) know everything about being a foster pet parent, and b) so we can answer any questions you might have prior to fostering one of our animals.

If you foster a dog, you will be required to participate in off-site adoption events in which interested parties, and the public can come meet your foster pup.  In addition, if you foster and dog or a cat, you must be willing to allow potential adopters to come meet the animal in your home; we never give out your information – we schedule this based on your availability.

Best case scenario is you become a “foster-fail,” meaning you then adopt the animal you’ve been taking care of.

There is no fee associated with fostering an SPCA animal, but you’ll need to provide shelter and food, and possibly administer medication as needed.

If interested, please reach out to: for more information – Thank You!130507-F-ZV089-116