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Did You Find A Pet?

Did you find a lost or stray pet? First check for identification. If the pet has a rabies tag, you can call the veterinary hospital’s phone number that is on the tag. When you give them the tag number, they can look up the owner in their files. Check the pet’s ears and belly for identification tattoos. Take the pet to a shelter or veterinary office and have it scanned for a microchip. If the pet does not have identification, try to find the owner yourself before you take the pet to a shelter. You can post flyers near the location where you found the pet, but also post flyers around your community, including veterinary offices, boarding facilities, groomers, and pet stores. One of the best ways to spread the word is on Facebook (see “Tips” below). You can also fill out a Found Pet form at the Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter to post on our bulletin board.


  • Make sure you always include good contact information. A mobile phone number is usually the best way for people to reach you.
  • The Facts newspaper runs free lost and found pet ads. 979-265-7401.
  • Post on Facebook! Post it on your own page and ask your friends to share.
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