SPCA of Brazoria County

Leading Brazoria County to a time when there are no more homeless pets.

Do you know where to look if your pet goes missing? Save this post!

Contact Information for Local Area Animal Shelters

Supporting Clute, Freeport, Lake Jackson
141 Canna Lane
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Friday Noon-5:30, Saturday 10-3

550 W Highway 6
Alvin, TX 77511
Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday 10-6

535 S Anderson
Angleton, TX 77515
979-849-9550 or 979-849-2383
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 9-4, call in advance

Contact Police Department Dispatch

JONES CREEK ANIMAL CONTROL-contracted with City of Brazoria

6615 N. Masters Rd.
Manvel, TX 77578

2002 Old Alvin Road
Pearland, TX 77581
Hours of Operation: Monday 8-5, Tues through Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, closed 12-1, Sunday 1-4
Viewing Hours: Monday 10-4:30, Tuesday through Friday 10-5:30, Saturday and Sunday 1-4

CR 373
Sweeny, TX 77480
979-548-3111 (dispatch)
http://www.ci.sweeny.tx.us/animal control.htm

Contact Police Department Dispatch

Other Cities within Brazoria County and areas out of City limits contact:

3602 CR 45
Angleton, TX 77515

Outside Brazoria County:

900 Portway Drive
Houston, TX 77024

14700 Almeda Rd.
Houston, TX 77053

See info above

See info above

SNAP-HOUSTON (Spay-Neuter Assistance Program)
1801 Durham Dr., Suite 1
Houston, TX 77077

We’re looking for a GREAT veterinarian to join our team. . .

Veterinarian—Spay Neuter Clinic/Shelter Medicine

Join the SPCA of Brazoria County as we lead our community to a time when there are no more homeless pets. The SPCA-BC provides shelter to over 6,000 animals annually. We are seeking a FT veterinarian for our high-volume Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic. Responsibilities include proficiency in high volume spay/neuter surgeries (including pediatrics), medical and surgical care for shelter animals, supervision and implementation of protocols for veterinary technicians and surgical assistants, supervision and implementation of disease control protocols, participation in community outreach such as microchip and vaccination clinics, inventory control and security of drugs, and maintaining accurate records and data. The right candidate must be efficient, passionate about animal welfare, self-motivated, a team player with strong leadership skills, committed to excelling in a fast-paced environment and possess excellent professional judgment and initiative. Some weekend and evening shifts will be required. Must maintain a Texas Veterinary License, as well as DEA and DPS registrations. Submit resume and salary requirements via email to execdir@spcabc.org.

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Thank you to our volunteer photographers, Chris Carey and Amanda Carey, and volunteer photography assistant and pet wrangler, Linda Garza, for capturing these extraordinary images of our shelter pets.

Summer Time Fun = Shelter Aid & Lemonade!

Celebrate Summer with Shelter Aid & Lemonade!

We all know that kids can get bored in the summer . . . but we also know that summertime can be a fun time too! Kids all over our community have the opportunity to be a positive force for animal welfare this summer, and have a great time doing it, through our Shelter Aid and Lemonade Celebration.

Come join our Celebration! We invite kids ages 6 to 14 to make a difference for homeless pets in our community by participating in Shelter Aid & Lemonade. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Operate a Lemonade Stand any time between now and August 15. You can do it for a few hours on one day, or you can do it all day every day . . . how little or how much you commit is entirely up to you!

2. Donate your proceeds to a local animal shelter or rescue group.

3. Have a parent email a photo of you and your Lemonade Stand to info@spcabc.org. Please include the names of each person in the photo, the name of the shelter or rescue your stand will benefit, and how much money your stand raised. Also, please include a parent’s name and phone number for each child in the photo. By submitting a photo, you are agreeing to allow us to post the photo on Facebook and other promotional materials. Your photo must be submitted by August 15 to be eligible for our prize drawing.

4. Attend our Wrap Up Party on August 16 at 3:00 pm at the Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter at 141 Canna Lane in Lake Jackson. We will have a drawing for a number of great prizes—including an iPad, an iPod, and an Xbox 360. We will also offer special recognition for the stand that earns the most money, the most creatively-promoted stand, the best decorated stand, and other note-worthy distinctions. (You do not have to present at the Wrap Up Party to win.)

So get out there and make a difference this summer! Here are a few tips for a successful stand:

• Sell things other than Lemonade—you can include other soft drinks, tea, Kool-Aid, coffee, etc. You can also include a bake sale, snow-cones, popcorn, craft items—get creative and have fun with it!
• Ask a local pet-friendly business to allow you to set up your stand at their location. They may even donate to your stand!
• Come by the shelter at 141 Canna Lane in Lake Jackson to get a sign and let us promote your stand for you on Facebook.
• Sign up to run your stand here at the shelter. We will have stands set up on Saturdays throughout the summer!

We can’t wait to see your photos!

Shelter Aid and Lemonade 2014

7 Reasons You Should Volunteer at SPCA of Brazoria County

  1. You will be Saving Lives. Let’s kick this list off with the most obvious reason: volunteering at an animal shelter saves lives. Whatever you do as a volunteer, you will be helping these precious homeless creatures find homes. Each time an animal leaves the shelter alive, two lives are saved. . . the one who left, and the one who gets the newly-available space. Some of the volunteer opportunities include photographing and networking shelter pets, assisting at offsite adoption events, and helping with the every day care and maintenance that our homeless pets need to survive shelter life.
  2. You can Learn New Skills. Go outside the box a little and do something different! You may learn how to become a better photographer, how to safely handle a fear-biting dog, how to train a leash-pulling dog, how to get along with difficult people (animal welfare advocates come in all types of personalities–some easier to be around than others!), how to organize a large-scale event, how to manage litter box problems, how to paint and maintain buildings, and. . . the list goes on, and on, and on. . .
  3. You can Immerse Yourself in Something that is BIGGER than YOU. Our shelter intakes almost 6,000 precious individual lives every year. Finding homes for this many animals is a HUGE undertaking. We also spay or neuter over 200 animals every month, feed about 400 animals each day, clean 250 kennel and cages each day, communicate in person or via telephone, text, email, and FB messages to thousands of people in our community each day, and organize large scale events, educational programs, and community service projects. Be a part of something big and forget about your own problems for a little while.
  4. You will Make New Friends. When you are working with a group towards a common goal, friendships come easily. You’ll meet people from all walks of life; people you would never cross paths with by sticking to your normal routines. Animal lovers share a passion that binds us together in a very special way. You can be a part of that bond.
  5. You will Gain a Deeper Understanding of Animal Welfare Issues. Learn about animal welfare from the inside out. People constantly ask us questions like: why should I spay or neuter my pet? why aren’t you a No Kill shelter? how can we become a No Kill community? why do you constantly ask for donations? will you be able to find a home for this pet I’m leaving with you? what can I do if my pet has behavior problems? why do people give up their pets? is dog fighting and animal baiting  real? what do I do if my neighbors are being cruel to their dogs? can feral cats be healthy and happy on their own outside? are pit bulls naturally aggressive? what should I do if I find unweaned kittens? . . . and the list goes on. . . learn the answers to all of these questions first hand and then be able to teach others. You can be part of an ARMY of ANIMAL ADVOCATES in our community.
  6. You will Broaden Your Mind. Warning: Volunteering can be a mind-altering experience. But if it doesn’t quite do that, it will certainly clear your head, help you see things in a new light and perhaps encourage you to re-evaluate what’s important to you in life. Every day when I come home from the shelter, I hug my pets and thank God that I was able to change their lives. I think of the ones I couldn’t save, and vow that I will work just a little harder tomorrow.
  7. You will be a Part of SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. Quite honestly, volunteering at an animal shelter isn’t always easy. It isn’t always comfortable. It isn’t always clean. It can take you to emotional depths that you have never experienced before, but in the end. . . when all is said and done, you will know that you have done something that matters. Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 12.54.48 PM

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